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Why to Sell Online to Africa

Majority of North African states integrated their ICT [Information and Communication Technologies] policies with their ecommerce agenda. The strategies of electronic commerce mostly depend on the developmental level of the respective digital culture. Therefore, the ecommerce strategies for Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia are similar to one another. As a result these countries thought of ecommerce being a part of their ICT strategies and rapidly progressed in these areas as compared with the neighboring countries. This picture shows the satisfactory levels of different factors affecting e-commerce according to e-shoppers in Africa.


Perfect Legal Environment

North African countries are also aware of the fact that development in the field of ecommerce is not restricted to digital infrastructure alone. Rather it depends on a sound knowledge of ecommerce laws and a reasonable legal and institutional environment.

ICT and Ecommerce Laws

North African countries with a highly developed infrastructure have also strengthened the legal aspects surrounding ICT laws. Morocco, Egypt, and Algeria have established sophisticated legal environments. Tunisia and Egypt have also issued a regulation on electronic signature.

Personal Data Protection

Laws concerning ICT also demand the implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the protection of personal data of individuals. Tunisia has a constitution that covers the personal data protection laws in detail. Morocco has the same law in the provisional period.

Consumer Protection

Ecommerce can’t flourish without appropriate consumer protection laws. The majority of North African countries have a regulating authority to protect consumer rights.

Payment and Exchange Implementation

Foreign investment and struggle at national and international level is promoted throughout Africa and this thing actually supports the infrastructure as well as tends to liberalize the banking sectors. The establishment of inter banking groups will not only help in the growth of the financial sector of these countries, but will also allow the execution of online payment systems.

Development of Logistics

Logistics is the most essential aspect of ecommerce without which it can’t grow. The condition of logistics in North African countries varies greatly with one another. Some countries have an established infrastructure while for others, even sending an email is very difficult.

This table shows the internet penetration rate among African and other continents.


The SWOT analysis to access the potential growth of ecommerce in North Africa demonstrates the following strengths:

1)      AMU [Arab Maghreb Union] countries will enjoy the free trade agreements among its members. It will help them achieve better results within the ecommerce sector.

2)      Similar free trade agreements are also made with Arab countries in order to promote regional trade dynamics.

3)      Most North African countries are well aware with the risks involved in the process that’s why they aim to develop a better infrastructure keeping in mind the objective of developing a digital culture through appropriate training and education.

4)      We can conclude that electronic commerce is really thriving in the region through a solid telecommunications infrastructure with the constant increase in the number of users.

5)      Penetration rate of information technology and related equipment is also on the increase and there are bright chances of the resources to become available for overall population. This graph shows the mobile internet usage among various countries and here you’ll notice that Middle East and North Africa come on top.


With distinct and ambitious electronic commerce strategies, North African countries are growing a digital culture that will ultimately develop an intangible economy.

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