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Create Your EZHOPZ shop
Start selling worldwide from our online shopping mall

  • Sell on multiple platforms, which means - more sales online.
  • Online Mall, Online Shop, Mobile Shop, Facebook shop in One.
  • Take advantage of all Online Shopping Mall benefits.
  • No technical experience or programming required.

A quick set-up, begin your shop for Free!


Be Part of Our Global Shopping Mall

  • Boost your online sales by 50%, by selling via online mall.
  • No hidden costs or fees to sell your products on the mall.
  • One-stop shopping, multiple product selections one purchase.

Launch your online shop

  • Customize your shop in your look & feel.
  • All shops and products fully search engine optimized.
  • Full marketing package to promote your own shop easily.

Your shop on your Facebook page

  • Convert social marketing & contacts into online sales.
  • Gain followers at Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Sell directly on Facebook incentivizing fans and friends to your shop.

Selling Mobile & Tablet friendly

  • Increase your sales by 30% by only going mobile.
  • Your shop in the shopping mall, available on Mobile & Tablets.
  • Built-in mobile commerce shopping cart, in your look & feel.

A complete e-commerce platform

  • Professional inventory and order tracking.
  • No learning of complicated software, very easy to manage.
  • Embed youtube videos, create custom pages and offer discounts.
Even I live in Africa I can do business all over the world with Ezhopz. My customers are everywhere.
We have seen a dramatic and continued increase in sales since we joined Ezhopz.
When people ask me where can I buy your products, I proudly answered: "At Ezhopz.com " That's my shop.
Truly Amazing, a shop on Ezhopz Mall,Facebook and Smartphone has never been so easy since we chose Ezhopz. We were up and selling in a matter of hours! Thanks.
Global network the Internet. 3D image.
Highly recommend Ezhopz for great, helpful, easy to use marketing plans for their shopping mall!
Since I'm working on Ezhopz I increase my income and my lifestyle. Ezhopz shoppingmall means a lot for me and my daughter.
Global network the Internet. 3D image.
I really love Ezhopz and the customer service from Ezhopz couldn't be better! Any time I have a question I get a QUICK response and I couldn't be happier with that.
Online-Shopping (1)
Ezhopz is a sales changer for us and I couldn’t be happier to partner with them!
It doesn't matter where you come from or wher you live, with Ezhopz we all can gain a good income. The site is easy to work with.
All the beautifull things I create with my hands I easily can sell on Ezhopz. And not only in my country, no I sell them all over the world. Easy and fast. Even the payouts from Ezhopz are easy and fast. I really recommend the site to everyone.
We have increased our online sales by 20%. If I can sell on Ezhopz, you can sell there too. Thank you!
Love the way you guys make it simple to open an account. Was really amazed by the way it works . Will recommend this anyone! Thanks
Global network the Internet. 3D image.
Highly recommend Ezhopz for great, helpful, easy to use marketing plans! Great shopping mall!
Thanks Ezhopz for giving me a way to integrate my website, Facebook page and website store all together. You are helping me build my business...Thanks
It is very easy to import the products in my webshop. One second I have nothing, the other second I have my own webshop. Thanks Ezhopz
We thanks Ezhopz for helping us to manage our products and promotions. We make a great sales.

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All-in-one solution & service

Everything & anything you need to sell online

Managing your shop is easy, especially with all services available;

  • Secure HTTPS/SSL connection
  • Protected administrative access
  • Global cloud-hosting
  • Live customer's support
  • Email customer's support
  • And much more

EZHOPZ is a new way of selling online

We do all marketing for you. We make your business grow!

Increase Your Online Sales

An online shopping mall, is the future of e-commerce! No more disadvantages, where before customer's would leave a check-out page, doubting to trust a small shop.

Now you can be a part of a gigantic Shopping Mall, where all shops are under one roof with one secure check-out and existing shoppers.

Shoppings will find you easier, no more treasure hunting to find a proper product. Shopping never became more easier as at EZHOPZ online shopping mall.

Open Your Shop in Just 5 Minutes

Your shop online and in shopping mall!
Anything you add to your inventory automatically becomes available in your Shop & Shopping Mall.

Not only do you get a, in your look & feel shop, you also get access to thousands of shoppers already shopping at EZHOPZ.

4 online sales opportunities in one

Selling online shop, facebook shop, mobile shop and shopping mall. All at one platform.
And more customers equals more sales.

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