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What is EZHOPZ online shopping mall?

EZHOPZ is a new and well established shopping mall formed by John Meyers and his team. In EZHOPZ.Com, there is a free web shop where online sellers can easily list up their ten products. This is providing the online sellers the chance to show up their products online without any high cost for web designing, financing, marketing and many more. EZHOPZ.Com and EZHOPZ.BIZ both the sites for online shopping are meant to easy use and can be understand clearly. Therefore people who want to sell their products online do not have to spend a lot of time to learn e-commerce.


In EZHOPZ sellers can personalize their own shop as they desire which means each shop has its own storefront. In this online shop consumers will get various scopes like they can do their customized search to find their desired product easily. The customized search means one can set a budget, a fix design, fix size or category and many other specification of a product or service. This makes the search more easy and time saving. There are different types of product in EZHOPZ and each product is listed in their fixed category, so the products are well organized. In addition EZHOPZ.Com and EZHOPZ.BIZ gives the opportunity to both sellers and buyers to sell and buy products via Social media like FACEBOOK and also GOOGLE.Com. People now can also buy product with their mobile through the feature Mobile-shop of EZHOPZ. So people don’t have to bother to waste their time for shopping anymore. For online sellers EZHOPZ does free advertizing in social media which is a plus point for selling products in a large scale. EZHOPZ is a great shopping mall with a lot of features that an online shopping mall can have. It is a great platform for people to start business online and to easily buy products online with all kind of pricing and shipping facilities.

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