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The Future of Ecommerce in 2014

Ecommerce will become an integral part of many businesses in the coming year. Consumers like to buy on the go without wasting time to visit shopping malls. The need to fit shopping with their busy schedules has increased over time. Experts at Emarketer tell that the US online sales have seen an incredible increase of 16.4% throughout the year 2013. So we can expect much more for the year 2014. With that in mind, it is advisable to know the key trends in ecommerce for future months:

Mobile Marketing Strategies

The Monetate Q1 2013 Ecommerce Quarterly demonstrates some data on the use of mobile devices and the conversion rate of ecommerce sites. The study covered the use of Smartphone vs Tablet vs Desktop for some leading ecommerce brands.


This image shows that the use of tablets and mobile phones has increased up to 25% over the year. And you can drilldown the purchases based on the devices used through the table given below:


iPad being the dominant tablet was the source of almost 89% of the online purchases in the first quarter of 2013. The conversion rate also varies with the type of device used.

An Engaging Commerce

Ecommerce is no longer a simple buying experience. Nowadays brand that don’t focus on making their advertisements and products engaging and entertaining, are losing consumer interest. The increasing popularity of Pinterest and Facebook reveals that consumers not only like buying their favorite items but they must share it with their friends and this sharing of information is always appreciated. Most leading brands now introduce a ‘trending now’ widget into every page of their ecommerce websites so visitors can directly browse through the most sought out products.


Customers also prefer a live chat rather than making a call or emailing to customer care. Live Chat Effectiveness 2012, a study conducted by BoldChat reveals that 65% of US and UK buyers like to engage in a live chat.

Personalizing the Buying Experience

Customers like to talk with the customer care and build a trust based connection with the brand and its seller. Tailoring the customer’s shopping experience is what brands should consider for the next year. Consumers don’t have enough time to fill the forms every time they make a purchase. You might hear of the Domino’s ‘pizza profiles’; it is something when Domino took notice of its customers’ need to have a personalized pizza ordering.


If you’ve a look on the graph given above, you’ll notice that the need to find ‘my favorite brands’ lies among the top three attributes the beauty products customers likes to have on a website.

Online Shopping Malls

Shopping enthusiasts love buying through a shopping mall where they come across many different brands on just one website. This is the reason shopping malls are becoming so popular. They can build a wardrobe, buy plane tickets, or decorate their homes without having to bounce between different platforms. They can also find competitive prices and comparison of features across brands.

If you’re an online seller who is looking for an ecommerce platform that is sure to meet the latest requirements of 2014 ecommerce trends, then Ezhopz mall can help you get started.

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