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Selling at Online Shopping Mall - Ecommerce Platform EZHOPZ

Spreading the word about EZHOPZ is good, even great. It’s perfect for us but especially ideal for you. If you spread the word on EZHOPZ it will generate more visitors to our own personal store, but also other stores on EZHOPZ will benefit from this.

Visitors that came from the word of other store owners will also visit your personal store. Indirect with our collaboration we are helping each other and building together to a brighter future of all of us.


Start and built together with millions around the globe to a brighter future, with spreading the word of EZHOPZ!



Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our vision, goal and the strategy behind our resources.

EZHOPZ want clear and transparent intercommunication between client and business. We belief that a world where creative’s and entrepreneurial people could sell without borders or limitations, the world would grow to one market which will bring even chances to anybody. You could deploy yourself to want you want to achieve, sell the amazing products you sell. Spread you word to people about your way of selling locally and globally on EZHOPZ.




EZHOPZ Logo guidelines:

Please use EZHOPZ logo as following. You could use this fantastic logo on your website, Facebook and twitter to notify your current client that they could purchase your amazing products on EZHOPZ, or use it as flyer in your store. Together with millions you will promote EZHOPZ where your clients will find your and other stores.


• Black white EZHOPZ logo. (recommended if you don’t have a color printer)
Download JPG file size: LargeMediumSmallTiny


• Colorful EZHOPZ logo. (recommended for engaging your client)
Download JPG file size: LargeMediumSmallTiny



EZHOPZ the name:

EZHOPZ is one word with all the letters in capital. The better you present EZHOPZ while spreading the word the more attention it gets.

EZHOPZ Ezhopz ezhopz
Like this Not like this Not like this

Placing EZHOPZ as link on your website, please copy following code :

<a title=”Online Shopping Mall” href=”http://EZHOPZ.com/” target=”_blank”>EZHOPZ</a>



EZHOPZ & Facebook images:

Looking for current EZHOPZ images for your own promotion? Download the once we made or make your own. Use these for promoting your products, social media, blog posts, press releases, or any other story featuring EZHOPZ.

Spread the word of EZHOPZ on your Facebook page, tell followers that they could find your products on EZHOPZ and that they could purchase there from all over the world with their own local payment system. Engage your follower to become clients.

We have already a few images available for you. Download here .rar file.



The idea of cross-selling with EZHOPZ:

The average visitor that comes from your site, facebook or any other sites will not only visit the store that spread the word, but also seven other stores and does purchase at three stores.

This is called “cross sales” where visitors shop around add items in wishlist or basket from your and other shops and checkout at one simple page.

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