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Selling Online to China – The Possibilities

There’s a spectacular place in America where blueberries grow and Chinese consumers click ‘buy’ to place an order for a bunch of this fruit. These juicy blueberries are packed with ice and sent to China within two days after they are picked from their trees. You believe it or not, but this is the way people in China purchase online and receive their ordered goods so fast. This fruit is delivered so fresh even better than what is sold at Walmart China. In the first half of 2013, the demand for fresh food purchased through Tmall has increase upto 500% because Chinese consumers prefer buying what they consider safer and what is sent to them earlier. The case is not limited to blueberries or fruits only.

China’s retail industry is undoubtedly very competitive. There is a significant increase in online shopping as more and more people like buying household and weekly supplies online. Picking growth for fresh food is expected to increase with the ratio of 400% in coming years. People purchase their grocery and weekly supplies online. They not only look for competitive prices but they also prefer buying from the brands they can trust and those not available on local stores. So there’s a bright potential for businesses to invest in selling online to China. They can increase their brand awareness not just online but also through offline channels.


Many different surveys performed to analyze the behavior of Chinese consumers reveal that people in China prefer the quality of the products and services offered over price. Almost 76% people think that they will only buy from reputable brands because they can’t compromise on the quality of goods. 24% people think that they consider a product only when the price is affordable to them.

Internet, social media websites, and mobile commerce play an important role in this regard. ROK Japan conducted a research this year and the results demonstrated that China’s online shopping percentage on Alipay was 219% higher than what it was in the last year. In 2013, mobile purchases accounted for 8.6% of the total orders placed online in China hence m-commerce in China had 40% growth rate as compared with the previous year. Xiaomi sold 100,000 phones in 90 seconds this year and the sales performed better than Samsung S4. This outperformance proves that some local manufacturers are serious for their local markets and they know how to achieve their consumers’ trust.


Online retail to China has great prospects in food, drinks, tourism, education, health, jewelry, sports, automobiles, and luxury goods. Californian pistachios, U.S cherries, wine, and seafood are among the best sellers in terms of export. Tourism Australia launched its branch in China dedicated to overseas market       that is expected to earn worth $9bn by 2020. Chinese consumers spend $34bn annually on personal care and beauty products. China’s appetite for gold has increased its price to $1,335 per ounce this year. Chinese consumers already make a quarter of international gold demand. Automobile industry has also seen incredible perks in China in recent months. The average cost for money spent on buying cars in Beijing has surpassed 88% as compared with the previous year stats.

We can conclude safely that China is going to be an acclaimed marketplace for future in terms of online retail.

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