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Inventory management

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Inventory & webshop management

Add upto 10,000 products to your inventory & webshop management using our simple wizard. Our shoppingmall offers your own webshop to add as many products you would like, there is no minimum. You can set your own pricing, taxes, text description, image appearance and key words for each product. And you can multiply each product for various languages as well. Excellent for search engines.


Detailed catalogue of the products

Create a detailed catalogue of the products you want to sell online in your webshop with in depth product descriptions including tracking numbers, sizes, colours, prices, and any other custom fields you would like to add. By using all your product information visitors can easily see what products you all offer at own webshop or supermall. Your product listing gives them the opportunity to view what you offer and what buyers prefer most to buy from your Web Shop.


Instant listing in shoppingmall categories

The uniqueness of our system is that all your products of your webshop are instantly listed in our large Local & Global shoppingmall which will be listed in the categories you have selected! Via your webshop you are directly linked with the shoppingmall, all done automatically!

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