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With our easy step by step instructions, you can set up your webshop within a couple of minutes without any knowledge.

If you can send an email, then you can run your webshop. Each web shop has it’s own ‘add product page’ where you can easily write a short description, add tags / key words and attach an image like as you do with an email. We have made it simple, quick and easy to start selling. Each product will take you less then 5 minutes to add, even my child can do it. Never the less, we have a proper webshop-documentation & and our support department is only one email away.

You can go to our registration page, where you can follow our step by step instructions.

You will receive a confirmation email, to create your own webshop within ezhopz.com. We will set up a free webshop account for you, so you can try and fill-in your products. When you wish to start running your own webshop, it will take you only one minute to upgrade your account.

To register and manage your webshop is free.
You can already use your webshop by adding all your products and prices. You can first try and manage the webshop for free. Once you feel like to start the webshop, you can start from € 9,99 per month! And we even give “Individuals” (upto 10 products) a free webshop!

Yes it does, there are no hidden costs in being a webshop owner.
Everything is inclusive. You also get a free ezhopz.com domain name and free web hosting. And your new shop website will be linked instantly into our shopping mall as well for free promotion!

No, there are no hidden cost involved with running your webshops.
 Everything is included within the webshop price structure. This also means you have no further costs to run and advertise your shop, we handle everything for you – all inclusive!

Our product page is so easily created, that within 5 minutes you can add a product.
By using our simple procedure as; Product description, Key words selection, Set pricing, Use categorization and Upload product pictures. If you have any doubts or questions then we have for you a documenation and support department to help you along the way.

Our goal is to keep always the lowest carrier price and quickest delivery for your customers.
 It is in your interest to speed up delivery of your own products to your own customer, to know the Dimensions and Weight and add it on the product page. Our intelligent carrier system check’s various carrier companies for the best rates to ship them to the customers destination. We also offer “free shipping” to certain destitation by country and state.

Very easy, as first you can create accounts at our carrier companies.
As you sell your products the carrier company collects directly from your chosen pick up point. You can contact each carrier company separately as well to inform them your pick up location.

We advice you strongly to setup your Live Chat, to communicate to your customers
 Your customers may contact you via your shop’s contact (email) form, but communication via a (personal) Live Chat increases a good reputation to you, and avoids any further problems as refunds and chargebacks.

You receive your earned amount always from EZHOPZ, but you have to pay back
 You are responsible for your products (and services), so when a customer is not satisfied or something is wrong or broken, then you are responsible for this. The amount customers pay via EZHOPZ to purchase your product (or service) you receive this amount, excluding variable payment systems commission. Ask your customer to return your prodcuct, and you will return customers payed amount.

When your clever, you communicate with your customer and solve it
 You are responsible for your webshop, account and products. So when we receive a Refund or Chargeback, we charge you for the costs. Also when you have 1 or more chargebacks or 3 or more refunds a month, your account will be blocked. Quality of products and delivery is the most important for EZHOPZ. Thereby, when you offer a good service, customers will be satisfied and mostly will advice you to their friends

Every two weeks a webshop sales payout.
 Every sales you made via your webshop, you receive a purchase notification in the statistics panel and your email. Every two weeks we do a Sales Payout, so you never have to wait long to earn your earned money. We know how difficult it can be for a shop owner to wait for his / hers income. That’s why we offer you a quick and reliable payout to you as webshop owner with in two weeks. You will find on the site all detailed sales information, as; – Sales statistics, – Credit-invoice -, Payment amount.

Very simpel by giving us a one month notice, then we set your webshop on a hold.
When you on hold longer then 2 months, then we close down your webshop and shop name. Easy in, easy out no hidden extra’s.

You will not have any problems with your webshop and or shoppingmall connection.
But if you think you have a problem then go to your “Personal webshop Support” where our team of experts will guide you find a solution to your query.

Online advertising will be managed by our shopping mall.
We spend a large amount of money on a daily basis on branding of our shopping mall, which promote your webshops via all kinds of advertising possibilities. Internet users love to shop around so we aim to bring them to all webshops via our shoppingmall. Discovering products from around the world they didn’t even know existed. This can prompt them to buy from other webshops including yours. And of course you can promote your own webshop as well.

Your monthly fee includes advertising, you get a complete all inclusive marketing package! 
So no worries about the system and online marketing, all is arranged for you! This includes: • Search engine optimization, • Google shopping / merchant integration, • Press & magazine publications, • Social media promotions, • Personalized email newsletters, • Organizing online contests, • Online advertising, • Targeting an audience of over 10 million people per day!

Marketing & statistics are key online, and we help you in this!
 You will receive a monthly e-mail from our marketing department with your own webshop statistics and personal advices to promote your webshop even better online, facebook, twitter, etc.

The best ideas are the most simple ideas!
You can source your products from wholesale traders, sell your homemade goods or even be an intermediairy, even sourcing from your local cottage industry, both new and used items can be sold. You can find your products around the corner or from world wide suppliers.

Your power of earning is infinite.
You can sell and earn as much as you like, for as long as you wish. Building your webshop in a long-term profitable career.

Your selling locally and globally with your webshop and via Ezhopz shoppingmall.
This means you can sell your products to a country who has 12 hours time differences. So you can earn money while you are a sleep as the SuperMall is always open for anyone in the whole world. 24 hours a/day, 365 days a year.
No you do not.
 But your earning capacity thru owning a webshop on our shoppingmall will change your life, and you can stop your daytime job to relax more.

Certainly. Your income will grow considerable by being a webshop owner.
This means your webshop can quite easily can become your main source of income. Become your own Business Owner today!

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