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Ezhopz delivers you an ecommerce website with a user friendly administrative panel, and secure hosting – everything you need to sell your merchandise online. Below are the key features of the web shop created within Ezhopz shopping mall:

Free Registration

online-free-shoppingmallSigning up to Ezhopz.com is free and you can add up to 50 products to your web shop at no cost. From € 9.95, a fully functional e-store will be set up for you. You don’t need to pay extra to buy plug-ins or apps from a store; because everything you need is already integrated into our system and once you set your shop up; it is automatically incorporated into your web shop. So, € 9.95 is the one-time fee.


Easily Manageable

easy-to-setup_manageWe set up everything for you, since we call Ezhopz a place where individuals and small business owners with no expertise, can sell online. So when you sign up with us, we deal with all the technical stuff so you can focus on selling only. We do the content management, marketing, after sale support, automatic backups, and security for you. It takes a few minutes to create a web shop within Ezhopz and your job is done, leave the rest of things on Ezhopz.


Mobile Commerce

tablet-optimizedEzhopz also includes mobile commerce features and your web shop can be managed with a mobile phone also. Your customers can buy from anywhere with a mobile phone in their hands. We not only provide built-in mobile commerce shopping cart features but we also ensure that your online stores are mobile and tablet optimized. The mobile version of your e-store will have the same ecommerce features and merchandise details as your ecommerce shop.


Multiple Currencies

multi-currenciesWith Ezhopz, you have the ability to show multiple currencies on your storefront. But this is for the display purpose only and the currency rate appears in line with the conversion rate you set. At the time of check out buyers will be able to do so only in one currency that is configured in your settings.


Multiple Languages

multi-languageEzhopz support multiple languages and you can set any language to be the default language for your ecommerce storefront, mailing lists, and check out. This extends the understandability of your online shop across the web.



Multiple Payment Solutions

payment-solutionsEzhopz supports many of the top payment gateways accepted worldwide. Our broad array of payment solutions allows a secure transaction between sellers and buyers. We integrate many local and international payment gateways making it easy to accept credit cards online.


Multiple Shipping Solutions

shipping-solutionsWe offer multiple options to set shipping rates for your online store. We’ve devised an excellent shipping calculator to estimate the rates based on weight and different shipping carriers. It helps build trust of potential and loyal customers.


Inventory Control

easy-inventory-controlEzhopz features attractive inventory management software that seamlessly connects with all Ezhopz stores in real time. So whenever a product goes out of stock, it not only informs the seller but also allows the customer to send you a restock request so the sellers can know what is in demand. Our inventory control system manages your offline and online orders and it is integrated into every web shop you create.


Search Engine Optimization

search-engine-optimizationOur content management system delivers many under the hood settings to embed Meta tags, search engine friendly URLs, sitemaps, and shopping mall listings. So you don’t have to worry about the on page and off page optimization of your online store; and the prospective customers can easily find you through search engines and Ezhopz malls directory.


Google Shopping

google-shoppingEzhopz offers a built-in Google Shopping app facilitating you to sync your products with Google Merchant Center. This will help you get more traffic towards your store. As soon as you add a new product, it will automatically get listed into Google Shopping and your products will appear into the Google Products Search Results when someone makes a relevant search.

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