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Customize your own shop in our Shoppingmall

Take advantage of our convenient wizard and design template and tools. To keep it as simple as possible for our visitors, we keep all Shop pages and Product pages the same, so a visitor feels safe and secure visiting each shop our SuperMall.

As Shop owner you can customize your own shop by using our convenient wizzard, by using your own logo, company description and personal shop photo appearance.


Custom shop design by our experts

Our in house experts will work with you to create a custom shoppingmall shop that includes all the ecommerce features and functionality your business needs as well as business cards, flyers and other important marketing tools.

We have various economical packages for you as Shop owner, to custom design your own; shop- Logo, Business cards, Pro Flyers, still- and animated Banners.


Construct your own product pages

Search engine optimization to create search engine friendly pages using Key words, and optimize your page content to improve placement in search engine results. Each of your products can have its own key words for optimal search results.

The more unique product Text, Images and Key words you use for each product the better listing you will reach in search engines. Of course we market your web shop in our shoppingmall, never the less the better you be listed in search engines, the more you sell.

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