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Personal web shop support

You can get the assistance you need, anytime you need it. Receive 24 hour email support from our sales and marketing experts. We are with a team of specialists on a daily base available for you to advice you with all your questions or requirements. Also we have an easy to follow video channel which you can view, to find your answer instantly.


Live support chat to your consumers

We have for our Shop Owners an easy going Live Support Chat available. So on each Shop page & Product page you have a Live Support Chat available to be instantly in contact with your customers. This may improve your sales by upto 25%! You can use your Live Support Chat to increase your conversion rate, as ‘save the save’ to be in direct contact with your customer. And improve the customer care about your to sell products. When you are offline / not available, customers can leave a message which you later can answer back when you are online via an extended mailing system.


Any questions running your shop

When registered, you will find out our Webshop & Shoppingmall system (back-end) works so well, that anyone can sell it’s products via their own shop. Within 5 minutes you can add and manage your own products via your shop page. Still some doubts, we have an excellent “instruction manual” available for you which you can find in your own shop page. Anyhow some more questions occur on you, our support department is always available for you.

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